/Vandals decapitate 800-year-old ‘crusader’ in crypt at Dublin church

Vandals decapitate 800-year-old ‘crusader’ in crypt at Dublin church

Authorities in Ireland on Monday said vandals decapitated an 800-year-old “crusader” mummy that was held inside a crypt at a church in Dublin.


Archdeacon David Pierpoint told the BBC that a tour guide at St. Michan’s was getting ready for visitors when he noticed that the mummy’s head was “severed” and missing. Reports from Ireland said that the crypt was badly damaged, which also included the remains of a 400-year-old nun.

The crypt was damaged back in 1996.


“I am shocked that someone would target this ancient burial place and desecrate the remains of those lying within it,” Diarmuid Martin, the Archbishop of Dublin, said in a statement. “Not only have these individuals desecrated the sacred crypt but they have destroyed these historic mummies which have been preserved in St Michan’s for hundreds of years.”

Police are investigating.